Welcome to my world

I’m one among you. Born and brought up in a middle-class family in a small town from a southern state of republic India. I grew up in a fairly comfortable environment with no significant spikes or lows until I was 15 years. As I started my college education, life started teaching me real life lessons by putting me in a state, where I spent days with hungry stomach and sleepless nights. Even on the verge of suicide.

There comes a hope in the form of my professor, who guided and helped me financially to complete my masters in environmental studies from Andhra University and to secure couple of first jobs. As an environmental consultant I travelled a lot and met many people from different walks of life. Then there was no looking back. However, I did encounter many low points as well as bounce-back moments in the journey.

Nevertheless, I was always a close observer and evaluator of my surroundings and circumstances. This habit helped me to figure out my true potential to serve others in my best capacity as a mentor & coach. I have been passionate towards teaching and the core of this passion is to help others to become better version of themselves.

Pursuit of this passion further, it led me to a training on Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP) and coaching concepts as per International Coaching Federation (ICF). Once I attended my first NLP workshop in the year 2017, an inward journey was intensified and understood myself better. In the process, I became a healer to myself by addressing all those suppressed emotions and enjoying my true self and just being myself.

One thing I realized was every human being had immense potential to be happy and content , provided if he or she spent some time for themselves at regular intervals.

If you are looking to change yourself and not sure how, Ask me. Would be happy to serve you as your personal coach.

What People Say

His goal to touch lives and make a positive difference leads him. Driven by this passion SB is definitely brilliant at what he does!

Ruqya Khan

A thought-provoking page that makes you reflect upon life! Love the quotes!

Nisha Sanjeev

You are extremely passionate for what you are doing. Your thoughts and quotes are enriching. They are something to ponder upon. The thoughts are a reflection of your positive attribute towards life. You prove to be a great mentor/ coach.

Shabeena Zaidi