Happiness is on the eye of beholder  

Try your happiness by

  1. Try to see a positive side in a negative situation and vice versa
  2. Embrace the embarrassment
  3. Watching movies / favorite TV shows
  4. Call a friend / ex colleague
  5. Spend time with kids / children

  6. Mentor a junior / teach what you know
  7. Serve without expectations
  8. Spend time with parents and siblings and loved ones
  9. Reading good literature in your mother tongue
  10. Listening to your favorite music and try to catch up with lyrics
  11. Spend time in solitude
  12. Walk / run a mile
  13. Cook and serve
  14. Practice a skill
  15. Learn a new language / skill
  16. Forgive but don’t forget your pain
  17. Have a blue print of life / future
  18. Have a day without plan & meeting without an agenda


Published by Shashidhar Bairapu - NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

Introvert turned extrovert. Fun loving person and a passionate to share my knowledge. A post graduate in Environmental studies with over 15 years of professional experience combining in research, consultancy, industrial and Government sectors. A patient listener, keen observer and a solution provider. A passionate mentor and coach and he equipped himself with necessary certified training is NLP, coaching and his own life experiences in different geographical and cultural backgrounds.

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