A pure blissful moment stemmed from our emotional mind. Our gratitude towards a person is only our identification of that sweet moment where an exceptional thing has happened between us. That’s it. It has no obligation of reciprocation.  Years back at first, I heard all good things about a senior most person in an esteemedContinue reading “GRATITUDE”

Emotional Thinking Vs Rational Thinking

An emotional thinking led me to thoughts on cursing myself. Wherein, my rational thoughts helped me to realize my sisters courage and caliber to face the challenges. A sense of pride having such sisters who cares their father the most.

Profound Personal Lessons

Performance is the result of belief systems individuals develop through profound personal lessons learnt over a period of time. Why does a class of 30 students, taught by the same teacher, get 3 different grades? Why do children born of same parents excel in different careers, have different lifestyles and even have different outlook to life as they grow up? InContinue reading “Profound Personal Lessons”