How many times have you made a resolution and within days you gave up? The most common of resolutions include with majority diet and fitness.

I personally had that weakness – I couldn’t give up samosas and green mirchi bajji (Hyderabad style) even after a strict no from my doctor who treated me for acidity.

Some of you may have that unwavering love to your favourite food – be it Biryani, Shawarma, Pizza with all the worldly choices available for stuffing. It’s no crime to eat…

Read on further if you can still love and have your food, but with control over it.

Now tell me how many of you offer a delicious chocolate to a toddler every time they ask with all their innocence and pretty expressions? Once or twice and perhaps a third time in a day, but after that you say NO….. Your teeth will rot, etc will be your reasoning.

What makes you to say NO? Obviously you care for their oral and overall health, in rare cases especially if you are running on strict budget your care for your finance may also triggers you to say NO. In this process, you may overlook their love of candies or any sugary stuff available in the market for kids. That’s because you look at things intellectually and apply your wisdom while a child looks at it only in a physical form.

Here is the good news, next time whenever you are in a situation to have a control over your temptations be it a food, an addiction or a negative emotion dissociate your child within you who is asking for it with the intellectual in you who doesn’t hold any emotions over it.

You may be wondering, will it be possible? Read further to know the pros and cons

As a field based employee in my earlier days I used to have almost 20+ cups of tea / coffee on a normal working day and close to 10 on day off (because of increased sleep time on day off) at one point of time I was tagged that I can’t move without a cup of tea….. It’s been over two years now I have been having just 2 cups –  one in the morning and one in the evening –  that too without sugar and at times I skip my tea and coffee. If at all on any situation I have to go for a third cup that would be Green / Lemon tea.

Before, it was like eat rice or Indian bread because curry left in the plate and order curry because rice and bread is still to eat. Used to dump into the stomach literally to have “Zero waste on plate”

Now – my stomach is not a dump yard. I choose & order food as per my hunger and nutritional requirements in corresponding to my physical body demands on a given day.

Similarly, window shopping or shopping because SALE was on. List your needs / wants. Hold for a day or two for your needs and hold for a month or two even more for your wants…. Still if you feel that you need and want then go ahead and use the credit card when you have the power to use debit card at the time of purchase.

If you still wonder, how can it be possible contact your life (NLP) coach. He or she will help you. If you are looking for one, I’m happy to assist you. Please fill up the contact form.

Published by Shashidhar Bairapu - NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

Introvert turned extrovert. Fun loving person and a passionate to share my knowledge. A post graduate in Environmental studies with over 15 years of professional experience combining in research, consultancy, industrial and Government sectors. A patient listener, keen observer and a solution provider. A passionate mentor and coach and he equipped himself with necessary certified training is NLP, coaching and his own life experiences in different geographical and cultural backgrounds.

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