How many of you remember this stunning scene from Bahubali – The beginning, an epic action Indian movie? Devasena announcing her mission over misery…    Name it to tame it… Fear of missing out (FOMO), many of us might have felt one way or other. My phone is silent most of the time not becauseContinue reading “NAME IT TO TAME IT”

How to chop negative thoughts?

I never really understood why my hostel warden always insisted that we get up and take a walk when we fell asleep during the study hours? Wherein, my friend was an expert in sleep walk. As kids, we used to fall asleep on our way home on motor bike mostly because of the cool breeze.Continue reading “How to chop negative thoughts?”

Be empowered

Heard many times from many people BE EMPOWERED This morning meditation gave me some clarity around it, especially why one need to be empowered? Children loves their Empowered parent Students love their Empowered teacher Employees love their Empowered employer Community loves their Empowered Leader Babies are not comfortable with everyone, yet they easily goes toContinue reading “Be empowered”

Binding or breaking?

Often my mom says, cloth might be ripped but my stitches won’t be. She also refers this kind of quality standard whenever she ties something air tight, especially for mango pickle jar. Having listened to this many times in my formative years, I learnt to do a quality job to the best of my abilitiesContinue reading “Binding or breaking?”

kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai

कभी कभी मेरे दिल में ख़याल आता है (Sometimes, in my heart a feeling emerges) A popular song from a Bollywood movie Khabi Khabie. Though I have been listening to this song almost every day, this morning it was an Aha feeling and totally different one as I was touched by these particular lines ofContinue reading “kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai”

Brain doctor or Behavior teacher?

Feedback is a driving force, be it from friends, strangers or clients. Now, consider the below comment I received more than a decade back… “…. Sir, I know you are really investing a lot of time and trying your best to teach my son who is an idiot. We have long lost hope. Now we wantContinue reading “Brain doctor or Behavior teacher?”