Listen to Everyone but Make Your Decision

Do you seek other’s approvals? How does others opinion weigh on your happiness level? Do you take your own decisions or do you alter your decisions according to people’s opinions? A young woman went on a shopping spree and purchased a hand-made bag with her first earning. As soon as she reached home, her sister made bad comments onContinue reading “Listen to Everyone but Make Your Decision”


What clients are really interested in is honesty, plus a baseline of competence – Patrick Lencioni Unconscious incompetence → Conscious incompetence → Conscious competence → Unconscious competence As we move on in our career and new roles, there will be moments of awkwardness especially don’t you know even this? Or How did you come thisContinue reading “Competence”

Remember to Remember you have every resource within you

Remember to Remember you have every resource within you How many of us bank on balms and ointments to get relief from headaches and joint sprains? Many of us, most of the times, isn’t it? But why? Our mind knows very well that an ointment would reduce pain and aches. Have you ever realized thatContinue reading “Remember to Remember you have every resource within you”


  How many times have you made a resolution and within days you gave up? The most common of resolutions include with majority diet and fitness. I personally had that weakness – I couldn’t give up samosas and green mirchi bajji (Hyderabad style) even after a strict no from my doctor who treated me for acidity. SomeContinue reading “DISSOCIATE THE CHILD IN YOU WITH THE INTELLECTUAL IN YOU”

Peak Performance…

Peak Performance…..  Do you feel low every now and then? Are you missing the kick in your day-to-day life? Lot of work to do but you lack enough motivation to perform? It’s time to watch out for your triggers and set a trigger for peak performance. Peak performance as the name says is your absoluteContinue reading “Peak Performance…”

State of resourcefulness

I got down from the train in the early hours of a chilly winter morning in the post-monsoon month of October in the year 2013. After performing a series of rituals at the temple in an interior Andhra village, I hardly had time to rest as I had to board the next bus for my onwardContinue reading “State of resourcefulness”