Defining Moments

  • When bubbling water became ice cold before I completed my job, I learnt something.
  • When we narrowly escaped hooligan attacks while driving through a deserted road, I learnt something. 
  • When workers asked for lunch break immediately after I had laboriously climbed up 80 m on a rickety ladder in the summer heat, enduring hot emissions from a metal stack, I learnt something. 

I experienced all the above in the first year of my professional career. I had prided in holding a Master’s degree, but alas! I was yet to learn lot many things in life.

In hindsight, I often wonder what made me take on adventurous tasks and go through awkward and awful situations. I can now attribute  it to having no choice, coupled with the attitude and adamancy of the 20s. 

The single defining thought those years was – “Just do it”! It was hunger to built a career, and more importantly the hunger to feed stomachs.

Now, having satiated my hunger and having been blessed with a comfortable life, I wonder how I could beat all odds to reach here.

A meeting with a dear friend put things in perspective. An entrepreneur and a passionate individual, we share common life interests. Our talk, as usual, delved into deeper topics and we started discussing the defining moments in our respective lives.  


Defining moment is a moment that changes your outlook completely and you are never the same after that.

The three incidents in my early life made me more resilient, determined and yet patient. 

As kids we all have many defining moments which  shapes us into the adults we become. Unfortunately for some people, these defining moments are influenced by cultural and social factors and overwhelming emotions, thereby limiting their true selves.

If you are not happy with the shape and form you are in, be it in your personal, professional or any area of your life, then your authentic self is in disguise.

However, fret not! The beauty of life is that you can unveil your real self and live to your fullest potential by reconnecting to your positive defining moments in life.

During my conversation with my friend, I relived many childhood moments of absolute happiness and the sense of achievement I enjoyed as a youngster upon reaching little goals. 

If I could have done all that then, it means I definitely possess those qualities in me. All I need to do now is nurture them to achieve bigger and better goals to spread brighter smiles around.

I’m sure you do possess the qualities required to live the life you want.

Take time out to look deeper into yourself and find out your defining moments in life and redefine your life.

Published by Shashidhar Bairapu - NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

Introvert turned extrovert. Fun loving person and a passionate to share my knowledge. A post graduate in Environmental studies with over 15 years of professional experience combining in research, consultancy, industrial and Government sectors. A patient listener, keen observer and a solution provider. A passionate mentor and coach and he equipped himself with necessary certified training is NLP, coaching and his own life experiences in different geographical and cultural backgrounds.

9 thoughts on “Defining Moments

  1. After reading redefining moment of your life, i realized we all have such kind of defining moment in our life but it is lying somewhere deep inside our mind. So we need to dig them out to redefine ourself. Thanking you for giving me some insight about my life.

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