A pure blissful moment stemmed from our emotional mind.

Our gratitude towards a person is only our identification of that sweet moment where an exceptional thing has happened between us.

That’s it. It has no obligation of reciprocation. 

Years back at first, I heard all good things about a senior most person in an esteemed organization. As my interaction grew with his stakeholders, I encountered people who have had their grievances towards him. More shockingly, people who were praising him earlier had joined the resentment group as the time passed. One of the reasons was, their benefits came to an end as the person left the organization.

In another instance, I received a call from a good friend and he was inquiring about a person commonly known to both of us. My instantaneous yet conscious reply was “I can only share my experience; he is a gentleman”. My friend was unsuccessful in pursuing me to change my opinion.

We must be grateful for our parents, primary school teachers and all the elders who brought us into this world, raised us and taught many basic life lessons. However, we can’t blame them when we fail in our lives and be ungrateful towards them. 

Gratitude once expressed will remain true because it’s an experience. We may have our difference of opinions with them. Yet, we can be grateful for things what they have done to us which are irreversible and unrequited in any kind. Only the way to get peace with is to be in gratitude sincerely. 

If you truly want to get benefited through your gratitude journaling,

1.            Express your gratitude to who had pushed you far beyond your comfort zone.

2.            Express your gratitude to who triggered you the most.

3.            Express your gratitude to who are truly instrumental in bringing the best version of you.

Remember once expressed, the gratitude to the person should remain deep in your heart.

Published by Shashidhar Bairapu - NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

Introvert turned extrovert. Fun loving person and a passionate to share my knowledge. A post graduate in Environmental studies with over 15 years of professional experience combining in research, consultancy, industrial and Government sectors. A patient listener, keen observer and a solution provider. A passionate mentor and coach and he equipped himself with necessary certified training is NLP, coaching and his own life experiences in different geographical and cultural backgrounds.

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