Peak Performance…

Peak Performance….. 

Do you feel low every now and then?

Are you missing the kick in your day-to-day life?

Lot of work to do but you lack enough motivation to perform?

It’s time to watch out for your triggers and set a trigger for peak performance.

Peak performance as the name says is your absolute best state of mind to execute any job that you want.

Years ago I created two music folders “Selected Songs” and “Inspirational” on my first so-called smart phone. Almost for 3 to 4 years “Inspirational” was my breakfast and “Selected Songs” my evening booster. Days under strict budget and tight schedules went by in a state of unknown peak performance. 
Then slowly those folders were replaced by other activities and mostly YouTube in recent past. However, those folders remain handy for me any moment.
In my recent training sessions for coaching, I came across this buzz word “Peak performance”.

You can only connect the dots when you look back. 
I was consciously searching for my triggers for peak performance and realized “selected Songs” and “Inspirational” have been my triggers for almost a decade.
For a test I activated my triggers last weekend…… was out for almost 13 hours (shopping, coaching sessions, Toastmasters meetings, long walks and on and on) I was still full of energy when I returned home at night.
Let me share some of the things I did with my peak performance state back then.
1. Used to walk almost 5 km up and 5 km down home to office and back – to avoid peak hour traffic….Though hot humid weather in Muscat was not encouraging enough.
2. Indulged in with undisturbed concentration for up to 5 hours (with one or two comfort breaks) to finish off my NEBOSH assignments and while reading my favorite books….
3. Was disconnected to the outer world for almost 5 days…. Not even opened the door…. A complete solitude during one of those week long EID holidays…..
4. I have been asked by people whether I get frustrated at any time…… the secret was frustration got nullified in the peak performance state….
When I was doing all these stunts I wasn’t aware that I was in my peak performance state. There was a time I hardly slept for an hour or two, still I was able to keep up with my day as productive as I could. Only reason was my triggers were on and I was at my peak performance state.
If you are feeling low energy next time you may need a trigger for your peak performance state, provided you have proper diet and rest.

Published by Shashidhar Bairapu - NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

Introvert turned extrovert. Fun loving person and a passionate to share my knowledge. A post graduate in Environmental studies with over 15 years of professional experience combining in research, consultancy, industrial and Government sectors. A patient listener, keen observer and a solution provider. A passionate mentor and coach and he equipped himself with necessary certified training is NLP, coaching and his own life experiences in different geographical and cultural backgrounds.

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